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Automation & Testing Suite

for embedded software | AUTOSAR-compatible













The Automation & Testing Suite, ATS for short, is a test tool for automotive software with full support from AUTOSAR.
A large number of possible tests can be performed without real hardware.
The reliable user interface allows the definition of test scenarios and test cases, which can also be generated automatically up to ASIL-D.

The great flexibility of this solution provides an appropriate response to the needs of our customers, such as


  • Generation of source code and insertion into the templates provided by AUTOSAR, for example, using a JavaScript-like language.
  • Automatic timer handling based on input variable configurations.
  • Generation of repetitive functionalities with the aim to reduce the workload of the programmer.
  • Generation of RTE access functions.
  • Dumping of all available data.
  • Generation of test data for external scripting, e.g. Phyton.


  • Function test (tests are equivalent to tests on hardware)
  • Module test (focusing on the specified module/part of the system/program)
  • Audits (tests are conducted with a focus on customer requirements)
  • Error Tests
  • Sequence tests (allow you to specify a sequence of tests to simulate a specific scenario)
  • Complex input signals

Reports on the test results in HTML and PDF format are included:

  •     Coverage of requirements
  •     Statistical data of the results
  •     Complex protocol information from the test execution
  •     Test code export with syntax highlighting
  •     Plot (Scope) generation for the variables RTE, MOD, USR, LOC, CAN/LIN Message signal
  •     Marker functionality


ATS provides a test scenario that allows you to analyze and debug the code.
The program waits for the breakpoint to be released during the debugging process.
Such functionality makes it possible to correct errors found during the test.

CanEasy is a Windows-based development tool that can be seamlessly integrated into any existing tool chain. It is easy to use without programming knowledge, highly automated and expandable with the help of plug-ins.
This tool not only facilitates software development, testing, diagnosis and analysis. Development teams also benefit from its efficiency and ease of use.
CanEasy can be used throughout the entire development process, from testing to commissioning.

In combination with CanEasy, ATS can perform tests (Black & White Box) on real hardware. The advantages of both tools together enable a highly automated test coverage that includes the target system.

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Reduction of development costs

No emulator costs.
No development hardware costs.
No compiler license fee.

Reduction of development time

Reduction of compilation time.
Reduction of test time.

Stable software

Reproducible test methods.
Intensive tests in the development phase.
Comprehensive and meaningful test reports.

Code generation

AUTOSAR compatible code can be generated.
Automation of repetitive, template-based code generation.
Input as simple configuration file (e.g. Excel).
Generation of variables in code.

Testing possibilities

  • Test tool for automotive software.
  • Full AUTOSAR support.
  • Execution of a multitude of possible tests without real hardware.
  • White-box and black-box testing supported.
  • High-level test case filtering.
  • Automated generation of test cases up to ASIL-D.

Code generation

  • Individual generation of source and test code by writing JavaScript-like extensions.
  • Code generation is AUTOSAR-compatible.
  • Generated code can be fed into any user code by placing special tags.
  • Automated generation of RTE interfaces, timer handling functions and other functions.
  • The code generator is able to generate any code (like C/C++/Python/....) that meets the requirements of the user.


  • Full support of RTE interfaces.
  • ATS can call functions, stimulate input variables and check for expected results.
  • Access to all program variables and functions.
  • ATS works with all debuggers so that test execution can take place while the code is being debugged. If the debugger stops at breakpoints, the ATS waits with test execution until the user releases the breakpoint.

User Interface

  • Reliable user interface for defining test cases and test scenarios.
  • Test code editor with extensive elements to support test production.
  • Code generator with syntax recognition and support.

Report generation in HTML and PDF format

  • Coverage of requirements.
  • Statistical data of the results in complex protocols.
  • Test code export with syntax highlighting.
  • Plotting for a variety of signals, messages and variables.

Suitable for safety-critical developments

  • DO-178C (DAL A, DAL B, DAL C, ....)
  • ISO 26262 (ASIL A, ASIL B, ASIL C, ASIL D)
  • IEC 61508 (SIL 1, SIL 2, SIL 3, SIL 4)
  • EN 50128 (SIL 0, SIL 1, SIL 2, SIL 3, SIL 4)
  • IEC 6088080
  • IEC/EN 62304s

Code Coverage Analysis

  • Interface for Testwell CTC++
  • Carry out tests that collect data required for code coverage
  • Process the output of CTC++ code coverage analysis and presentation in a user-friendly form


  • ATS is also available for CI/TI endurance tests in automated mode (e.g. Jenkins)
  • Analysis of all test coverage levels including MC/DC and MCC coverage

Download our info material as pdf file:


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