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Continuous Testing



is planned

UDS Diagnose

is planned

Code coverage

Project setup






Testcase editor






Testcase generator












Testresultat - data based






Testresultat - server based












Multiuser - data based






Multiuser - server based






Testcase - data based

Testcase - server based  

CanEasy access






CANdela import






ODX import






UDS testcase generation






Coverage check






MISRA Beautyfier






Command line






CI/CT process







Choose the option that is right for you:



Nothing works without

ATS Basic  contains all necessary functions for code generation, testing and report generation.

Continuous Testing

Test extension

ATS Continuous Tesing  is an extension for ATS Basic. It enables ATS to operate without GUI for continuous testing and integration, realized by e.g. Jenkins server.

Code Coverage

More in datail

ATS Code Coverage  is a plugin for ATS Basic that allows you to analyze code execution, i.e. "if" complexity, how each line of code was executed, and all related things. This function provides interfaces and integration with the Testwell CTC++ tool.

Server Database

Everything save

The ATS Server Database  contains all tests and test results and all projects can be centralized for each user.
One ATS Server + several ATS Basic.

Select the licence type that is right for you:


Workstation licence

ATS may be installed on a computer and used only on that computer by any user.

USB dongle licence

The ATS licence is stored on a hardware key (e.g. USB stick) and can be used on any computer to which the key is connected.

Floating licence

ATS may be installed on any number of computers. Simultaneous use, however, is limited to the number of purchased floating licences.


Rental model ATS on Demand

Each edition is also available as a monthly subscription.