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For an individual offer please send us an inquiry with the following information:

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Important to know:

In addition to the purchase of a licence, you get a maintenance contract.

The maintenance contract is part of the ATS licences and enables us to continuously optimize ATS and to process your requests as quickly as possible (e.g. implementation of new features).

The maintenance contract always runs for a whole year from the date of purchase and costs you 15% of the license price additionally per license.

What advantages do you have?
  • Technical support
    Whether you have a question about ATS, report a problem or need help with the installation, we are here for you.
  • Integration & Project support
    In addition to technical support, we also assist our customers in integrating ATS into their project.
  • Upgrades are included in the price
    You will get all new features without extra charge.

The maintenance contract is automatically extended every year. However, it is also possible to terminate the contract within a cancellation period of 2 weeks.

But beware: After termination, you can still use the current ATS version and also update it, but when upgrading to a new version, the maintenance contract must be resumed and applied for retroactively.

Without a valid maintenance contract, unfortunately only Lv1 support can be guaranteed.

Levels of support:
  • Lv1: Support during installation or technical problems
  • Lv2 & Lv3: Request for new features, support for workspace creation, integration into customer project, etc.

The person responsible for the tool or the license has to register at the ServiceDesk. Users should also register and provide at least 2 of the following 3 data for each request: EID/ Key-ID/ Product-Key (you will receive these upon delivery).

This ensures faster allocation and processing of requests. In addition, you can directly check in the ServiceDesk for which release your request (e.g. new feature) is planned.