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Here you will find all downloads from ATS. For already registered users with a valid license, current updates of ATS are available here.

Current Version:

Automation & Testing Suite
ver. 5.0.0

ATS v.5.0.0
User manual

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If you have problems downloading the file, you can contact ATS support at any time. Pupils, teachers and students can receive a free, limited license beyond the test.

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Version History

  • 5.0.0
    • ATS5 can handle C and C++ languages whereas ATS4 handled only ANSI-C language
    • Possibility of testing whole projects (*.sln, *.vcxproj) and separate files
    • Better integration with Testwell CTC++ (Code Coverage)
    • ATS5 generating not only ATS5 reports but also CTC++
    • Extended possibility to configure reports
    • Available charts with test results
    • Better operating speed
    • Clarity of user interface
    • Possibility to save tests in files or database (Mongo DB)
    • More information about tested files displayed in application
    • Simpler tests’ creation and running
  • 4.3.1
    • Extended integration with CTC++ (using buffered ATS SimuDll project compilations for tests executions)
  • 4.3.0
    • Updated installer
    • Updated tests in DemoProject
    • Corrected ATL commands usage
    • Corrected coloring in test editor and test reports
    • User manual update
    • Bugfixes
  • 4.2.8
    • New ATS installer - (Qt online installer)
    • Updated user interface
    • Comments in tests fixed
    • ATL (Automated Testing Language) update
    • Table of contests in tests' results can be displayed as list
    • Bugfixes
  • 4.2.7
    • User manual update
    • Call function statement now supports multi parameters calls
    • ATL (Automated Testing Languae) documentation extended
    • Bugfixes
  • 4.2.4
    • Code Coverage available: Integration with Testwell CTC++
    • Compilation of Simulation project directly from ATS
    • VisualStudio extended integration (supporting solution and project files)
    • Test validation on the fly (during editing test code)
    • Running external batch files with tunneled output into ATS
    • Minor bugfixes
  • 4.1.2
    • New installer - MSI (Microsoft Installer)
    • Installed application requires lower user permissions (in comparison to previous version)
    • Application holds user specific information in the system AppData folder
    • Wizard for extended Excel configuration input - multiple sheets, custom columns
    • Support of xlsx files saved in MsExcel, LibreOffice, OpenOffice
    • Wizard for importing Visual Studio projects and solutions (for update controlled files)
    • Improved tests execution
    • Improved tests tree management 
    • Improved code generation
    • PDF regenerate functionality added
    • Reloading configuration of the variables (on the fly)
    • GUI improvements (icons, layout, etc)
    • On the fly validation of test code (during hand-writing)
    • Added functionality of Connect / Disconnect of the Simulation DLL
    • Unification of keyboard shortcuts
    • Minor bug-fixes and improvements
  • 4.1.1
    • Wizard of "new project", which generates also template for SimuDll VS project
    • User manual (English) available in PDF
    • User interface improvements
    • Validation of the SimuDll variables in test cases
    • Secured execution of tests
    • Added SimuDll versioning
    • Extended licensing model
    • Added "autosave" functionality
    • Configurable propagation method of test case flags
    • Tests cases Module is required and configurable
    • Added possibility to restore window layout
    • Corrected variables sorting in Variables View window
    • Corrected high-density screens display (e.g. Retina, 4k)
  • 4.1.0
    • Redesign and new implementation of application Kernel
    • Application GUI themes (Classic, Light, Dark)
    • New configuration panel
    • Versioning of the ATS project and related files, like tests
    • Auto-updating of the ATS projects to newer versions
    • ATL (testing language) update
    • Better and extended documentation generation (PDF / HTML)
    • Extended tests filtering
    • Improvements in Tests Editor and Scripts Editor.
      • Filtering of tests 
      • Syntax highlighting
      • Find and replace functionality
    • Installer for the application and all required components.
    • Configured demo project, which is installed with the application
    • Better checking version mechanism.
  • 3.03
    • Extended GUI functionality
  • 3.02
    • New Icons design
    • Reworked generating PDF documentation
  • 3.01
    • JS extend functionality
    • Extended GUI
    • Added  functionality: "Find on Variable List" in context menu
  • 3.00
    • Qt GUI
    • Translations (EN, DE, PL)
    • Multi-thread tasks, GUI
  • 2.02 
    • Reworked Updated Control files to use JS script files
  • 2.01
    • Optimization of "Run tests" - multi-thread with background documentation generation
  • 2.00
    • ATL 2.0 with sequences
    • Generation of PDF documentation
  • 1.40
    • Extensions in ATL
    • HTML documentation
  • 1.30
    • ATL first release (Automated test language)
  • 1.20
    • Generation of the source code (Update controlled files)
  • 1.10
    • Support of SST (xlsx) files
  • 1.08
    • Live update of the variables on a screen
  • 1.05
    • Extension in variables - RTE / MOD / USR variables are available
  • 1.01
    • Integration with SimuDll. - Accessing variables global variables (read / write)